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New Album Release Details & Reviews29/10/2019

In case you missed the mail out here it is, and thanks as ever for the support and for checking in here…

I’m very pleased to say the new Vinny Peculiar album ‘WHILE YOU STILL CAN is out today Monday 28th October 2019 on 12’ Vinyl


[includes a download code] Digi Pack CD, via the VP STORE or via Bandcamp. It’s also available to download from iTunes, Amazon and many other online music providers. It’s also streaming on SPOTIFY. It’s always a pleasure to finally arrive at the moment of release, to share the songs and the ideas behind them. If you’ve not bought a copy yet I gently urge you to. Early reviews have been pleasing, here are some excerpts…

Question Time – our favourite track – is a Smiths-like, jangly pop song, but with a lyric about a missing female politician, told from the point of view of a suspect under interrogation. Say it with Garage Flowers, Sean Hanan UK

On ‘Culture Vulture’ the driving art funk and ‘Screw you’ chorus are pure Bowie, that same 70s Young Americans/Lodger influence also percolating through the conspiracy theory ‘Scarecrows’ (“For every government covering its tracks there’s a body in a body bag”). 5/5 Mike Davies, Fatea Magazine UK

‘Scarecrows’ a wonderful mix of funk and pop, which swings like a train, sitting still is not an option’ Dutch Underground 4/5 Holland

“Question Time”, a song that actually sounds like a Tom Petty song with Johnny Marr on guitar. 8.5/10 Marc Gossenns,  Enola Magazine Belgium

‘Man Out of Time’ – a perfectly timeless post glam-rock song complete with killer slide guitar hooks, like Medicine Head meets The Arrows! Terrascope UK

We have a full band launch gig for the album is at The Castle on Oldham Street Manchester on Tuesday 26th November, I’m looking forward to turning up to eleven. Tickets are selling fast so get yours early, here’s the linkThe Castle is our favourite a small venue, you’ll need your ear plugs ha…



I’m totally thrilled to report that the vinyl copies of the new album ‘WHILE YOU STILL CAN’ have arrived here and will be dispatched to all who have pre ordered on Monday14th October, thats a couple of weeks ahead of the digital release date of 28.10.19. The package includes a digital download code which should be available to utilise on the official day of release. I’ve played the record a couple of times here and it sounds great, there’s something intrinsically satisfying about the physicality of vinyl, the size and the artwork, the analogue warmth and all nicely coincided with National Album Day. The artwork for the album is by Paul Cliff, long term VP design associate, do check back here or check social media nearer release date for more background information on the art behind the music. The record is available to buy on Vinyl or Digi Pack CD from the VP website and from Bandcamp  please do  support  it if you can. Here’s the  ‘Vote for Me’ video, in case you missed it earlier, the track starts the album.  Best wishes VPx

Pre Orders WHILE YOU STILL CAN05/10/2019

I’m pleased to report that the pre orders of the new album ‘WHILE YOU STILL CAN’ have been sent, please let me know when they arrive and feel free to announce on social media as every little helps. The CDs look great, the artwork by Paul Cliff is truly wonderful and comes from a series of images he created on the themes of loss and lost lives specifically the lives of young soldiers from the Bury & Prestwich area killed in the first world war. The poignant album images depict the locations of their former homes as they are today. A postcard collection of these images  and others from the series is currently in production and will be available to purchase soon.

Vinyl copies of the album are still in transition [I’m reliably informed] but should be with me shortly in time to dispatch for release date 28.10.19. I’m especially excited to be doing this new record on Vinyl please do support the release if you possibly can. Pre order links are here 

Finally here’s a lovely German Review/Interview of the album from

best VPx