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The Next Days02/08/2016

Hello all

Hope the summer is heating you up nicely

A few developments here to note, firstly the Silver Meadows album release – the record has been out a couple of months now and I’d just like to say a huge thanks to those people who have bought it, it means a lot and its much appreciated.

If you haven’t bought it yet here are some links. It really is quite the most considered and conceptually rewarding record I’ve made, and it sounds like a million dollars worth of production went into it [hooray for David Marsden’s sublime talent!]. So often after albums are put out they fade in the eyes of the auteur. Not this one, I still love it

Here are some links

Digi Pack CD with lyrics booklet, artwork photography by Paul Cliff.


BANDCAMP has both CD & Download options plus The Root Mull Affect, Down The Bright Stream and Silver Meadows as a discounted bundle.

Listening links here

The album has had great reviews from the Irish Times to the Daily Mirror, here’s a link

The Silver Meadows Stage Play Musical is moving on with re writes and re thinking on characters, and the usual booing and growing of ideas, we will be doing a Kickstarter Campaign at some point. Liverpool writer Ian Salmon and I are in a continued state of reimagining and dialogue adjustments, Ian is diligantly expanding themes and shaping narrative .  Its all pretty exciting and I’ll update more news as we have it.

August is  a quiet month for gigs – hence my August is being spent at home recording the next album, a collection of songs inspired by the Midlands, and being back in Worcestershire. I’ve taken inspiration from place names and past events and its been a most cathartic  writing process. I’m aiming to release it next year, I’ll post a few demoes on Soundcloud as we go.

Rob and I have a few gigs in September, I hope to see some of you ,

gulliversSEP 15
The Old Stables Swindon, United Kingdom RSVP
SEP 22
Broadcast Glasgow, United Kingdom TICKETS RSVP
SEP 23
Speakeasy/Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh, United Kingdom TICKETS RSVP
OCT 07
The Eagle Salford, United Kingdom RSVP
OCT 21
Ring O Bells Widnes, United Kingdom
OCT 22nd
OXJAM Chester The Golden Eagle 2016
18 Castle St Chester –  OXJAM Fundraiser

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Bestism VP x




New Video Promo25/06/2016

Here we have a new video with SILVER MEADOWS song excerpts press quotes and some pointers to the stories,  please like share and comment if you have a few moments to spare. The record is making a few waves here and there, press wise so far so good, radio we theres been some but its almost impossible to sustain it given the huge competition from a million pluggers and majors and the usual who knows who. I’m hugely proud of the record. and trying my utmost to push this one a little harder than usual. I’m truly grateful to those people who have bought SILVER MEADOWS already, thank you so much, if you’re thinking about it please do, as every little helps. best VPx

Silver Meadows Reviews Update21/06/2016

Silver Meadows is out now and attracting some very fine reviews some of which I’ve gathered up here for your perusal.
Daily Mirror 4/5
Americana -UK 9/10
Irish Times 4/5
Enola 9/10

The best place to buy a CD is here from the VP site, or if you prefer to download its on  iTunes, Amazon and most of the major platforms…you can also listen to audio samples here – A massive thanks to everyone who’s made the effort to buy it, its really appreciated, please do share any thoughts and impressions from the record on social media, especially if they are favourable.  I think its my best record to date but I would say that wouldn’t I. Gigs continue sporadically throughout the summer the site has the details. I’m currently working on the SILVER MEADOWS Stage Play Musical with Liverpool writer Ian Salmon. Updates on this to follow. Thanks again all for supporting VPx

Irish Times SMIMG_6632review


“Concept album” These words often make me shudder, hesitate and proceed with great caution. Concept album with the theme of the life and workings of a mental health institution would have stopped me in my tracks ready to flip open the bin but for the artist, Vinny Peculiar. His past offerings have been so deeply satisfying that I couldn’t give it a miss. His musical history of acute observation and quintessential Englishness have thrilled me in the past, but I was still a little cautious. But no need as it turns out. “Silver Meadows” exceeds expectations – a poignant, sharply observed and beautifully written collection of songs, expertly produced and executed. And he is well placed to comment on this particular theme – a former mental health nurse and familial visitor.

Vinny’s talent not only lies with his intelligent and affecting lyrics, but he is musically a master of the complete song. We have upbeat and downbeat, a tender piano piece, touching guitar tunes and a couple of ones that you just can’t help singing along to. All of them astutely conceived, perceived and performed. It does, of course, touch on some very dark themes – isolation, fear, pointlessness but don’t be put off. Vinny handles all of these with a delicate touch, not shying away from the truth but also not shouting from the rooftops. He maintains a fine balancing act – says it how it is but with great lyricism and literacy. And therein lies his appeal. He rarely fails to write graceful lyrics – sometimes profound, sometimes with humour but always intelligent and these are carried along by some masterful melodies. I thought his last album “Down the Bright Stream” was the peak, but this surpasses it. With each track you just want to hear what the next one will offer. “A joy” seems somehow incongruous, but it isn’t and this is. What was I hesitating for? This is a gem. You’d be mad not to listen to it.