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  • Bright StreamingApril 27, 2015

    Morning all

    Hope this finds you well

    The new album ‘DOWN THE BRIGHT STREAM’ is out there now and reviews have been great so far with more to come, if you haven’t got hold of one yet and plan to please go to the website shop first, for downloads try… Bandcamp, iTunes,

  • New DrummerApril 9, 2015

    It’s always nice when a record is finally released after all the faffing around, recording, procrastinating, pressing, mixing and gigging. Promotions wise we continue with duo shows, Rob Steadman and I and have various dates coming up. We’ve also got full band shows later in the summer and will be auditioning…

  • English VillageMarch 19, 2015

    Its new Video Time – ‘English Village’ is taken from the new album ‘Down The Bright Stream’ – had a great old time filming this in Newnham with The Forest of Dean Morrismen directed by Andy Squiff at Squiff Media  Andy also directed ‘Pop Music…

  • Down The Bright StreamJanuary 20, 2015

    Hooo bloody rah! The new Vinny Peculiar album ‘Down The Bright Stream’ is all ready to go. There’s pre order ink on the site, the iTunes link will follow shortly, and it all looks and sounds rather splendid. The lovely sleeve images were taken by acclaimed Manchester photographer…

  • Down The Bright StreamNovember 23, 2014

    And so it came to pass, finally, a new album. Its a mixed up collection in many ways, songs of young optimism, songs of adult despair, songs of experimental thinking and songs of dumb obstinacy. Nothing new there then. I’ve called it ‘Down The Bright Stream’, it comes out March 30th 2015. The name…

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