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  • Radio Video Gig NewsMarch 23, 2014

    Hi everyone

    Last nights radio session on BBC Manchester Music can be heard again from their site  It was lovely catching up with Michelle Hussey again, I always enjoy chatting to Michelle, she’s the perfect host. I ended up playing ‘Everlasting Teenage Bedroom’ as a last minute choice – I’d planned to play…

  • New Site & New AlbumFebruary 26, 2014

    Hello everyone and welcome to the new Vinny Peculiar website created by Ross Barber at Electric Kiwi.  There are some new sections, more music, and the shop has been revamped. I’ve added a few random poems too – if you get a chance…

  • Other Peoples VoicesJanuary 13, 2014

    Happy New Year Everyone – –>

    The release date for the new album is moving ever closer, videos are in production, gigs are being confirmed. On Friday 17th January we play a free gig at The Royal Exchange Theatre Bar in Manchester, its an early pre theatre crowd gig and rather plush, starts…
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  • Gigs and RecordsDecember 1, 2013

    Setting up the new studio in my old house has taken forever but finally its ready so it’s on with the recording from this weekend. Guitar sounds are getting better after acquiring a few fancy interfaces. Acoustic guitars ditto. The new album, currently only half formed is already starting to feel old and I’m…

  • Dancehousing Cabaret RegaleNovember 20, 2013

    I got a group email message this week from a promoter offering a gig at The Dancehouse, Oxford Road, Manchester this coming weekend – 23rd November.  I casually responded in the affirmative not expecting to  hear anything. Now I’m all signed up to a gig in the foyer before the show and…

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