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Scotland Liverpool Blackpole17/09/2016

Rob and I just played a lovely show at The Stables in Cricklade,  a great little venue if you’re ever passing. Coming up we have a couple of gigs in Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh then back to Liverpool for a gig at Naked Lunch Cafe on Smithdown Road. The cafe formerly known as Ate Days a Week or Geds Cafe has had a total refurbishment. Ged died earlier in the year and the transformation of the cafe is tribute to his memory. Silver Meadows drummer Paul Tsanos has worked tirelessly to see the project to fruition. I’m looking forward to catching up with him at the show. All the gig details are here

I’ve started to post new album demos on Soundcloud, eleven songs with Worcestershire inklings working title WR3 . I’ll be recording it over the winter. Here’s a demo from the WR3 collection set in the world of the battle re enactor…feel free to share and comment and the likes, best VP


I got changed and stood out on the landing
Looking out across the fields of clay
Dressed up like one of Cromwell’s henchmen
It was August late bank holiday

I was living Crusoe’s dream in Blackpole
Studying the art of croft and law
My girl was watching old films on the TV
She’s mad for Michael Cane and Roger Moore

And the hills were alive with posters
For a far right wing campaign
When I said good-bye to my girlfriend she said
I think it’s going to rain

She never took to battle re enacting
But she understood and she never did complain

There’s a weird high before you go to battle
And you’re always keen to get the detail right
There are prizes for the most authentic costumes
And a busty wench is every mans delight

No soon as this battle had started
A crazy Cavalier hurtled past
And he stuck his sword beneath my breastplate
And I fell down into the mud bath

Amidst my band of brothers re creating battles past
Flags a scabbard pistols blunderbuss just a pike man and his staff

I lay there in the grass death took me swiftly
I didn’t feel a thing my heart stopped beating
And the battle it raged on and soon I was gone
There was nothing that could be done to save me

Now I float across the fields of Blackpole
Like every ghost who passed this way before
Frightening myself as much as anybody else
And meanwhile back in 1664
The spirit life suits me down to the ground
My girl married the undertaker the one who hung around

And they’re living in the same old house in Blackpole
I heard they plan to settle down

But I’ll be keeping an eye on them

Once upon a time I was Pike Man
In the English Civil War
And you’d find me in the alehouse
Live music and pussy galore…

In Blackpole


Sept Tour Poster_edited-1


New VP September Dates added07/09/2016

New dates added for September 16 – more details here all shows with Rob Steadman on keys…hope to see you there or there abouts x

Sept Tour Poster_edited-1

WR3 & The Singing Schoolteacher06/09/2016

I’ve not long finished a series of songs that reflect my return to the Midlands, its been a cathartic August writing and recording demos and I hope to have the album ready for next years release. I’m just planning the recording proper, I’ll update everyone when I know and try and film and share something of the process [which I always mean to do but never seem to get around to]. Heres a song from the new collection [working title WR3], its a tribute song to the late great Clifford T Ward who taught us English at school in the early 1970s, its  a song about his approach and his attitude, his encouragement and his ability to level with the kids. He was an inspiration…hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share and comment, xx

The Singing Schoolteacher

A Singing Schoolteacher shaped my history
Taught us English for a year his name was Clifford T
And on the last day of term he walked to school with me
The both of us just couldn’t wait to leave and be… free…

If you don’t like poetry you can take yourself away
Do a little private study in the Lemon Tree cafe
Stay only if you want to read the sonnets and the prose
And begin to appreciate the significance of the rose as a romantic metaphor…

John Dunn, Wordsworth and the Bard were soon ignored
We just listened to stories of Bronko and Dandilion records
We didn’t do a lot of poetry
He set the homework but homework was the enemy

When he appeared on TOTPs it was like all our dreams had come true
Glued to the TV with our parents too who
Collected cuttings from the Bromsgrove Messenger
About the Singing Schoolteacher

The Singing School Teachers career stalled
It’s a fickle business come the rise and fall
I followed him from a distance footnotes in NME
Another MOR singer now Punk Rock casualty

And then I moved up north and things drifted away from me…
My mother called and asked me did I know? I said no?
She’d heard a tribute on the Terry Wogan show
Clifford T passed away I thought you’d like to know

I said he was someone I wished I’d got to know
But somehow never did,
He was an inspiration when I was a kid
He still is…