Bish Bash Bosh

I was once in a band called Goodness Gracious Groove. I hated the name and I still do. I did what I could to persuade the other members to change it, but they loved it, and all the other names I thought of at the time were, as they say, ‘a bit gay’, so it remained, forever more to be so. GGG were better band than the name suggests, but the name let us down, I have often wondered if a different name would have led to a different outcome. I doubt it. Perhaps I’m just looking for excuses. That’s the problem with arts type pursuits; there are always excuses for things not working out. In sport you either make the grade or you don’t. As it happened with those three G’s it was the mid 1990’s, we made a lot of demos, played a fair number of shows, did several showcase gigs, had people [those special music business people with fat cheque books and expense accounts] visit us at our rehearsal rooms in Liverpool, they made some positive noises, but ultimately nothing happened. I wrote a song about it called ‘Showcase Time’ which ended up on the ‘Whatever Happened to Vinny Peculiar’ record, with the refrain…it’s going to happen, I just know it is. It didn’t.
Why am I going on here about the past? I mean, it’s kind of late in the day I know, but I’ve started so… I was also in a band called Bliss Cymbals, I hated that name too. I was in other bands too, but never in one with a name that satisfied. I was never in a band called Prefab Sprout, I hated the name though, and I still do but I loved the songs of Paddy Macaloon despite the sickly sharp 80s production values. A shit name never seemed to trouble them. What the point is to this I’m really not sure but names kind of preoccupy me. They always have, and yet I’ve never ever managed to come up with any I have ever truly loved. I have come up with oh so many forgettable monikers, but none seem to resonate long enough to actually matter. The names I eventually decide on always seem to be the ones I dislike the most. The name Vinny Peculiar is starting to feel like a bad name to me, I’ve been trying to get my head around alternatives for some time now but as yet [as ever] nothing doing…The name Vinny Peculiar was recently described by Jon Aislewood in Q Magazine [reviewing ‘Goodbye My Angry Friend’] as an embarrassing stage name. He’s probably right. Perhaps this is in part one reason why I seem to be looking for the name that ends all names. The greatest name in the game no less. I seem to spend a significant part of any given day thinking them up, plucking them out of conversations; it gets on my nerves [and on other peoples too no doubt]. The ideas keep on coming but none of them stick. I’ve been doing this on and off since school, you’d think by now that I’d have actually found the name I was looking for.
The best name ever was of course The Teardrop Explodes. It seems to have everything. Emotion. Drama, It’s memorable. It’s not cheesey. It’s brilliant. I also like the name Echo and the Bunnymen. I’m not just saying this because I’m reading about these two bands from the perspective of Bill Drummond and his 17 antics. Well, not consciously, I promise. Which brings me back to Bish Bash Bosh… ladies and gentleman; we’re Bish Bash Bosh, and this one is called Dynamite Stomp. See what I mean…total flooking rubbish. VP x

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