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If you’ve pre ordered the Silver Meadows CD you should have received it by now and seen first hand Paul Cliffs superb artwork [if not heres a link]. The front cover depicts empty chairs, a Roberts Radio and meds dispenser in a bay window scene over looking hospital grounds, there are a couple slippers and the feel is suitably remote, there’s a real depth of tone to the photograph in all its silver greyness and frankly it looks ace, more importantly it look right. The deluxe digi-pack CD has a twelve-page colour booklet and the images on the lyric booklet reflect the songs. It’s a really nice touch and enhances the atmosphere so for ‘Community Care’ we have some stereotypical floral curtains, for ‘Hospital Wing’ a clinically bleak bed head and for ‘Waiting Games’ it’s the ceiling, as viewed by the song’s protagonist. All the images, internal and external are from Ryecroft Hall, in Tameside, where Paul and I spent an exploratory spring day eating lunch in the community centre café and after some very polite exchanges managed to get permission to take photos. This turned out to be a perfect location for the job and we were pleasantly relieved as I’d previously made location enquiries within the mental health/learning disabilities service sector without getting anywhere, public sector imagination bypass syndrome saw to that but I digress.

Here are some of Paul’s images from the shoot/sleeve.




And the first audio sampler is available here, a second will follow nearer the release date of 6.6.16.

The Back Wards, which closes the album is also available to listen to now and will feature on Tom Robinsons BBC6 Music Show Fresh on the Net on Monday 11th April. Any feedback to the show would be brilliant and much appreciated.

The new video for ‘Hospital Wing’ from the Silver Meadows album comes out 11th April – more on this to follow soon.

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