Elbow Tops

Now we have [or have we?] finished recording I shaved off the beard. I’m assuming Rob has done likewise. I’d ask him but I don’t want to end up bending his ear again in the name of making records, well, not for another week or so. In truth the fuzzy face was starting to get me down anyway, felt like it was sapping at my energy. Perhaps I can blame my apparent anxiety state on it too…

I’ve just heard the news that ELBOW have won the Murcury Music Prize and am absolutely chuffed for them. Their album ‘Seldom Seen Kid’ is a tribute to their friend Brian Clancy who died tragically a couple of years ago. It’s a great album and one I’ve written about here in the not so distant past. I did a few gigs with Brian in the early days of Uglyman Records including a couple of Christmas parties [Elbow were also on Uglyman, as were half of Manchester at the time]. Last time I saw him we played in a toilet on Deansgate, the Temple of Convenience, the power went off and we improvised. It was good night. It was also the night Jake from Goldblade told me he’s left Goldblade two years ago. I felt embarassed and vaguely out of touch, not for the first time. Here’s to Elbow, long may they prosper, top of the tree and deservedly so. VP x

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