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My cars up the creek without a gearbox and its costing me an arm and a leg to fix it, you might well know this already as I am prone to moan when it comes to anything mechanical. My sense of mechanical things is kind of underdeveloped, it’s like a girls my dad always said which didn’t help really. He can’t be good at everything my mother would retort in my defence. Anyway…

Since I posted the story of my old friend David Ditchfield [previously], his accident and his amazing recovery we have both had some nice feedback so thanks for that. David’s concert is this Saturday so if you are in the Cambridge area or happen to be visiting do check it out. It takes place at…. Saturday 12 Jul 08 – 12th July performance commences at 7.30pm at Free Church Market Hill St Ives Cambridgeshire.

On a similar theme I am slightly ashamed to admit that I never go to see classical music; I feel totally out of touch with it. My only connection is the odd symphonia I come across on Radio Three. I own just three classical music CDs and they came free with a magazine. I really ought to get a little more clued up, recommendations anyone feel free to give me a nudge.

The last time I played Cambridge was when I toured with Helene in 2004, it was a decent solo show if I recall at a little pub called The Portland. Whilst pottering around the city I recall being struck by the frenzied academia of the place, all those people in silly hats and long gowns gliding across the main square. There was a degree fest of sorts going on, you know the kind of thing, mechanical professor types everywhere fixing cars and drawing maps of the universe blindfolded. I also had a look at the old college houses, the ones with names like Trinity that crop up in University Challenge, they looked magnificent.

Next week I’m played an intriguing little gig at The Shangri La, Prestwich Church Institute and Men’s Club, 368 Bury New Road, Prestwich M25 1AR on Wednesday night, 18th July. The venue actively encourages poems and storytelling so I expect I’ll be rabbiting on a bit in the name of something or other. In fact, I know I will be, so do come along if you can. I plan to play some of the newer songs, the ones I keep forgetting the words to. This will also be the first gig I’ve ever done with a beard for company.

On Friday we start rehearsals for the new album in Liverpool due to work being undertaken in Salford Lads Club, what with the summer slow down and not playing any festivals I won’t have any excuses for this next record not to be the classic I’ve been threatening to make since I started this caper. Roll on the days, VP x

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