Hospital Wing Video Shoot

So here we all are assembled at The Bream Community Centre in The Forrest of Dean on a windswept Thursday in March, video director Andy Squiff has hired the place and we have four hours to shoot.  I can’t quite get over how good a location this is, it looks right and it feels right, yep, its just so right. This is as good start. We’re shooting a video here for ‘Hospital Wing‘, it’s a song from the ‘Silver Meadows album set in an Art Therapy Class in an Institution, the song is a reflection on a young mans passing, his brothers passing and the emotional detachment he utilises to grind out the days…I know that all sounds kind of heavy but its just a song about life and death and hope and truth, nothing unusual about that. When I started working in these places many years ago there was a family with two bothers who met the same fate, they had a rare genetic condition, the elder lad died a few days after I started working, the younger lad was subsequently admitted and suffered the same fate some three years later, they were nursed on Hospital Wing…the sadness of it all stayed me and as is the way of the song writer emerged like this. The song has a sad core but a powerful heart I like to think



The video deviates a little from the above story, the art group are painting and sketching a patient who is clearly a ghost, they see him, the staff do not, there’s some great scenes where tea is spiked and the staff end up doing some proper old school kinky afro dancing. Naturally the patients take advantage and go walkabouts. Theres some great little cameos and character bits from the cast who were amazing throughout. Director Andy Squiff did a grand job in pulling all this together and is hard at it in the editing suite as we speak, I’ve seen a few rushes and it looks amazing, look forward to sharing this everyone. Below some audio samples from the album which gets it release proper on 6.6.16 – you can pre order it here,  more to come on this soon…

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