Malvern Winter Gardener


Heres the ‘Malvern Winter Gardener’ video shot by  regular VP associate  Andy Squiff  in a lovely garden in The Forest of Dean. We did approach Malvern Council but they wanted exorbitant fees to film the hills so we made some pragmatic choices. The song looks back at the iconic venue Malvern Wintergardens where I saw many of my early gigs, the song unfolds through the eyes of a faded old rock star gently reminding the listener of former glories. There are band name checks, and a pot of tea, always the tea. Since writing the song a few people have told me that the cover of ARGUS was shot in Spain not in Malvern, if this is the case please do forgive my poetic licence! Hope you enjoy it. Its taken from the album ‘Return of the Native’ which gets its full release 4.5.18 once again on Shadrack & Duxbury. You can PRE ORDER the album here.

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