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The latest  demos for the new album are being added to Soundcloud, I’ll probably end up re recording these in the new year once the new band has a had a chance to play them live,  the new band is very much in embryo, once its all sorted I’ll be making announcements, so to speak and hopefully putting shows together for next year as well as a few local dates sooner than that. The new album is very much themed around the midlands, reflections and stories, past and present. Heres ‘The Malvern Winter Gardener’, a song inspired by the venue,  Malvern Wintergardens, which was a staple live touring band stop off for most of the 70s and early eighties, I went several times as a teenager, getting there was always possible, getting back was the problem, I’d have to call my Dad to come and pick us up and wasn’t always best pleased, or blag a lift off someone else’s..I’ve cast the protagonist of the song as a faded rock star, living out his days in Malvern, working as a gardener and looking back on his triumphs and tragedy, my discussions with local musicians seem to have found there way into the song all be it in a round about fashion…hope you like it, and do feel free to share.

Also recently added is ‘Golden City’ a song with San Francisco pretensions disguised as a Chinese takeaway here in Blackpole… a song about change, new life, new hope, new fears…
I’ve also added the Silver Meadows album to Soundcloud for anyone who wants to hear the songs in their entirety [and hopefully buy the album], available most easily from the site here or via any number of download sites, iTunes Amazon etc – its also on BANDCAMP

Rob and I have a couple of shows in the immediate pipeline, on Friday 21st Oct we play Ring O Bells in Widnes, I’ve played there many times over the years and its always a great little gig. On Saturday 22nd we play OXJAM in Chester, its an early show at 7 pm, big charity line up, in clouding Reid Anderson who is quite the most special of talents, you should come along and check him out, he’s on just before us, the venue is The Golden Eagle

cheers VP


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