Music on Saturday

I love to listen to music every now and then, as opposed to fretting and whinging about creating the stuff which I seem to be doing more and more of late. I like to listen in the car but also when I’m at home I like to stop everything and just listen, call me old fashioned, but I can’t seem to do background music [Chris says it’s a male thing…I say it’s a respect for the creators of beauty thing and I know I’m right so there]. Hoovering to Joni Mitchell is not really my cup of tea. I prefer to sit and reflect and engage [OK dance music…you’re different, but you’re not clever and you’re not funny]. I like to think about what I’m hearing and I like what I’m hearing to take me somewhere, to have an effect. I suppose I want to feel something, to relate to something. I want music that kills me, arrests me, makes me smile, deflowers me [steady on now lad !] Anyway…I’m listening to Iceland’s Sigur Ros as I type this, I’m a new convert and quite amazing. I saw them on The Culture Show awhile ago and finally got around to buying a CD. I’m not sure which one it is as they are all untitled I think…well this one seems to be, the cover is a white and shadowy grey design, a white-light bulb silhouette. Typically compositions [this quartet composes] start quietly and build ever so slowly to crescendo and then they fall again, its not exactly a new trick but they seem so adept, the build, the mood, there’s a kind of grace, a purity, a compelling religiosity to it all. The voice drifting and lilting, singing in [I think] some kind of made up language, delicate, whispery and sounding a like a broken hearted angel hitch hiking his way back to heaven after some earthly trauma…some unspeakable heartbreak. Sorrowful tones indeed; lilting pianos, shimmering strings, and a drummer who plays less beats than you’d ever think were possible and not unlike the more pastoral modern Radiohead minus the dirty electronica. I have been transported. I’m in. I love them and right now [it won’t last] they are all I’ll ever need and all I’ll ever want and they make everything I feel, feel better, sadder, stranger, giddier…’If you go over the top why not go all the way?’ Hmmm

Oppositionally speaking [just to let the noisy fuckers get a word in] before I listened to chilled outsiders Sigur Ros I listened to the re-mastered ‘Eight Legged Groove Machine’, the Suffies first, which I just got from Amazon for £2.98, and which is still one of the best wake up records ever. A proper ball breaker. I believe I read somewhere they are to play the whole album back to back in concert at some point and I for one would love to be there. This seems to happen a lot of late. I still can’t get over Sparks playing all 21 [I think] albums back to back in concert recently over a three week period. It must really take some doing. I heard them being interviewed the other day. What a great thing to do, what a challenge, my hat comes off them and it’s a top hat with mirrors on it and it was once owned by Noddy Holder [patently not true….I have no excuses]. I love This Town aint Big Enough for the Both of Us. What an era defining record [for me] that is, like Starman, like Judy Teen, like Get it On……and then I’m back in the Marlbrook Hotel drinking watery bitter, smoking players number 6 and feeling the fear of being beaten up again at any minute [as I frequently was…but that’s another story].
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