On the Radio

Tonight’s directions from John, studio manager at Manchester radio online are so good I could have driven here with my eyes closed, kind of. There’s nothing like a good old chin wag noting down the pub on the corner, the pelicans crossing and danger signs for the blind school and the hospital. I know…I’m going on about directions again and I need to get a SAT NAV. I will one day. I’m just holding out for holding outs sake. I resent [and this could be an age thing or maybe just a head in the sand thing] the way we are all being smothered with gadgets and gismos that take over and in the case of the Sat Nav take away any kind of intuitive directional prowess we might possess. I know that sounds stupid coming from someone with next to no sense of direction but that’s how I feel, like I’m holding out against the trends. I was the total opposite with mobile phones…and quickish off the mark with the old PC, but for some reason with the SAT NAV thing I’m holding on, or holding out even. Its not altogether surprising. I felt the same about learning to drive. Of course when I eventually did I realised what a godsend it is and how everything people say about it is true, how it changes your life forever [it does Jenny truly it does so make haste while the weathers good]. Anyway, I’m getting distracted here and am in danger of missing the point, best crack on.

The radio session was genuinely enjoyable. I arrived around 8pm and was met by John with a quality brew and significant bonhomie, catching up with Dermo was also made easy, the kid drummer story and the backstage antics of well know charity fundraisers…we have more in common than we realised. I feel perfectly at home. The station is situated in the darkened Victorian attic room of a former pub and there are low lights and joss sticks and the mood is convivial and easy going. It’s no wonder so many people I’ve spoken to enjoy playing sessions here. It feels like a very chilled out house gig…I mean house as in dwelling, not the dance genre plinky plonky piano fad of some years ago. Just to clear that up…I don’t want to confuse anyone. On air Demo and I chew a fair amount of in-between song fat; I play three songs, ‘Kiss Me I’m a Social Worker’ and ‘Lazy Bohemians’ from the current album and ‘Confessions of a Sperm Donor’ [older I know but the moment seemed ripe for it]. It brought a chuckle from the hosts and merited a play the intro sequence twice whilst holding back the giggles moment from yours truly. I don’t usually laugh at my own jokes but somehow it felt like we [Dermo, John and me] were all in on this together….whatever this maybe. Anyway it was all over pretty quickly and I left them to it around 10pm. When I got home I watched some of the football for the first time in ages. It really isn’t the same without a home nation team to root for no matter what the sporting liberals keep telling us. I’m all for a bit of sporting patiotism…as long it doesn’t get nasty. I was talking to a Social Worker the other day [it wasn’t through choice to be fair] who was banging on about being embarassed to be English, what a cop out.. how I loathe the cop out apathy of the left, are they frightened of their own skins or what? Hmmm…I sound like some kind race rooter here…I’m not, but neither am I afraid of who I am. Moment of exasperation followed by a sigh….

Dermo mailed me the picture; as you can see my new kinky chemistry teacher look is coming along nicely. VP x
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