‘Its a little way down the main road where silence sleeps and men dig holes’ – I’m quoting Tom Verlaine here but no one takes any notice – ‘Just turn right at Bolton and follow your nose says my all knowing partner who is familiar with the Darwen area through work and ex boyfriend type connections – I take the sat nav anyway and I’m there in no time. The rhythm section arrives and we have a pre match beer … Read More >>


My Perfect Cousin on the ipod and what a great song it is. ‘Things I’d like to do he does them, he’s the family’s golden boy his mothers little pride and joy’ – or is the other way round?

I saw the Undertones in 1978 I think it was and they were so brilliantly out of step with everything, a good five years out of time wearing 1973 fashions, Oxford bags, star jumpers, penny round collar jaytex shirts, feather cuts… … Read More >>

MySpace.com Blogs – Vinny Peculiar MySpace Blog

MySpace.com Blogs – Vinny Peculiar MySpace Blog

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Hiccups and Happenings and New Album Release details

Firstly the gig at MOHO live this weekend [Sun 31st May] has been cancelled and will be rescheduled fo August. We are looking at alternative venues. If you know somewhere out of the way or interestingly obscure let me know.

Last week I managed to get it all wrong – so apologies to people who tried to vote on the Radcliffe and Maconie show pick n mix slot – the single wasn’t nominated! I wont bore you with the extent … Read More >>

Julie Christie Box Set

I came that close, really closer than close, I even stood in the queue, and then I bottled it for some reason, a Julie Christie box set, – £18 but did I really need it? Darling, Far From the Maddening Crowd, Billy Liar and The Go-Between. Sometimes my powers of procrastination are just too good for their own good. So I returned the DVDs back to the rack and took a short walk to Waterstones to see Mark Radcliffe, Radio … Read More >>


Recovery Time

I’m just off to plan another video with Clay and Paul for the album track ‘To hell with Fashion’ – guerrilla nudity has been mentioned, catwalk infernos, animals in mini skirts, you know the kind of thing. It’s a song – rant against the criminals of corporate clothing, the taste makers, fat cat corporations and sweat shop terrors.


Thanks to Adam Sweeting for the mostly affirmative prose- Vinny.… Read More >>

vinny peculiar blogs: This and That

vinny peculiar blogs: This and That

This and That

Now then…

Been trying to set up stuff to coincide with other stuff that fits in with releases and coincides nicely generating interest and accruing a proper stash of something exotic, something you can get your teeth into without wrecking your fillings. Oh have I really – no I have not. I’ve done next to nothing and I’m just trying to speed jump from letter to letter in a pathetic consciousness streaming episode, like Jack and like Jill too but … Read More >>

Video Jelly State

It’s getting to be a bit of a habit, the filming lark, last week in uniforms, this week in shabby civvies. We’re shooting a video for the lead track on the new album ‘Sometimes I feel like a King’, and despite it’s melancholic tones the song is about feeling good, embracing the moment, admiring sunsets and mountains, ditching the steam roller and doing nothing for the rest of the day. It was written just after I wrote the most depressing… Read More >>

Carry On

Leaving the house at the crack of dawn it’s slightly foggy en route and snowing in Preston but the journey to the studio where we’re filming a video promo for the new single UNIFORM is remarkably fast. ‘Whatever happened to the traffic’ is my opening line to Alison [Surtees] who’s directing proceedings as as we park up in Bombay Street. We go for coffee. Alison directed the little seen Two Fat Lovers video [it was too late for the pluggers… Read More >>