You might have noticed from my previous posting here that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a one off gig way down south on a Sunday night and I suppose I wasn’t really, I cant quite put my finger on the reason. The one consolation in my head was seeing some old friends who live just outside Winchester and catching up on gossip and stories. As it happened I had one of the best gigs I’ve had in awhile, which … Read More >>

The 17 plus

Meanwhile…I had to stop listening to the new recordings given the crisis of confidence documented previously; I managed a ten day abstention. It was quite a discipline in truth but a necessary one. People always say that having a decent break and returning with fresh ears alters perspective and they’d be right. So, a couple of days ago I listened to it all over again and am pleased to say it’s getting better all the time. The next job is … Read More >>

Bish Bash Bosh

I was once in a band called Goodness Gracious Groove. I hated the name and I still do. I did what I could to persuade the other members to change it, but they loved it, and all the other names I thought of at the time were, as they say, ‘a bit gay’, so it remained, forever more to be so. GGG were better band than the name suggests, but the name let us down, I have often wondered if … Read More >>

Elbow Tops

Now we have [or have we?] finished recording I shaved off the beard. I’m assuming Rob has done likewise. I’d ask him but I don’t want to end up bending his ear again in the name of making records, well, not for another week or so. In truth the fuzzy face was starting to get me down anyway, felt like it was sapping at my energy. Perhaps I can blame my apparent anxiety state on it too…

I’ve just heard …

It’s all shite

Phase four came and went over a weekend. We were both still a bit tired on our return to the studio but we managed some new mixes and the odd reworking of tracks. It’s always a bit of a dilemma when you are mixing…dipping back into tracking [recording] can be a bit of a problem, especially to producers. Rob hates all that fleeting from task to task. Still we do what we do. I have some issues about a vocal, … Read More >>

Phase Three

After bank holiday respite Rob and I return to Analogue Cat for more of the same, we’re half way through tracking but the schedule as it stands leaves us barely two days to mix 11 songs. In the heat of the momentum we imagine this will be possible and crack on regardless. Tim arrives on the Wednesday and adds his backing vocals to several tunes including the becoming a bit controversial IMAGINE [the only song selected that Rob’s not keen … Read More >>

Phase two

The Peggy Suicide album has phases and Mike [Joyce] played on a few tracks. In my opinion it’s the best Julian Cope solo album, especially the opener Pristine, those rolling pagan melodies and psychedelic guitars. Donald Ross Skinner at his finest throughout, the man who made double neck guitars cool again. The single Beautiful Love also has some very fine trumpeting. It was all over kids TV in the early nineties, St Julian prancing his thing and…well…I’m a big fan. … Read More >>

Drums and Wires

I remember buying the XTC album Drums and Wires years ago, 1978 I think it was; it’s the album with making ‘Plans for Nigel’ on it [XTC’s breakthrough single moment]. The track that ends side one, ‘Roads Girdle the Globe’, is a favourite of mine, and contains probably the finest guitar solo in the world. Researcher’s claim [it says so in the Chalkhills and Children biography…which is brilliant, incidentally] that it was played and recorded randomly, practically by accident, by … Read More >>

Numb to the digital numbers

I just did something I’ve not done in ages and that is; have a sleep in the middle of the afternoon. It’s OK, I wasn’t driving or anything. I’ve just woken up. I blame last night’s rehearsal, which lasted most of yesterday. My capacity for physical endurance has always been a tad suspect. The passing of time makes it even more so.

New album recording starts later on tonight in the revamped Analogue Cat. I best get ready for the … Read More >>

Fully House Trained

The hottest day without sun seems to have triggered latecomer’s hay fever, I mean, I never used to suffer, but my eyes are so watery I can hardly see out of them and I’m sneezing all the time. Well, strictly speaking I suppose that’s an exaggeration but you hear where I’ coming from. Perhaps it’s an eye infection my helpful partner suggests; you need to see your GP. Hmmm…yeah I’ll have to make an appointment. I still haven’t.

I’m due …