Hospital Wing Video Shoot

So here we all are assembled at The Bream Community Centre in The Forrest of Dean on a windswept Thursday in March, video director Andy Squiff has hired the place and we have four hours to shoot.  I can’t quite get over how good a location this is, it looks right and it feels right, yep, its just so right. This is as good start. We’re shooting a video here for ‘Hospital Wing‘, it’s a song from the ‘Silver Meadows‘Read More >>

Listening to Silver Meadows

Hello reader’s n writers

I am thrilled to report that SILVER MEADOWS [Fables from the Institution] is finished and has gone to pressing, initially on CD but with a Vinyl option to follow later in the year. That’s the plan. You can pre order the CD from the website here. There’s an album sampler here so do have a listen do, I’ll be adding more in the next few weeks

The release date has been delayed further to 6.6.16 … Read More >>

Silver Meadows [Fables from the Institution]

As I’ve probably already mentioned after a major studio reconfiguration and all kinds of audio remodelling and software wobbles we have finally finished mixing the Silver Meadows album. Producer David Marsden, who’s patience and fortitude were stretched all way up to eleven has delivered the most cohesive and sonically balanced VP album to date and its fair to say we are thrilled with the results. Of course everyone says this when they are about to foist their work into the … Read More >>

New Years News

Happy New Year everyone – Firstly I want to say a big thank you to those who supported my music in any way this past year, posting, sharing, coming to gigs, streaming, liking it all helps. We are relatively small in number but growing subscriber-by-subscriber, always growing. It’s been a busy year. My relationship ended and I moved back to the midlands after many years in the north. I’m still adjusting as you do but all is good. I have … Read More >>

Postures New

I’m in the new kitchen of my new house ordering a 1970s german table lamp and perusing a draft press release for the new Silver Meadows album [below], a concept collection rooted in 80s long stay psychiatric/learning disability hospital culture. I have a very good press agent editor friend who will carve it all up for me as and when, its become something of a ritual for us both. The album isn’t out until April next year, parts are tracked … Read More >>

Alternative Versions Older & Unreleased Songs

Hello everyone – I’ve just added a new playlist to SOUNDCLOUD, some older songs, unreleased home demos and the likes. I have a mountain of stuff here so there will be more historical sharing to come. I hope you enjoy. Track listing… 1 Imagine [2009] 2Welfare Statement [alt version 2009]3 The End [Parlour Flames work in progress 2012] 4 Bad Dad [home demo] 2004 My Father The Organist [alternative version 2002] 5 Too Soon The Darkness [Parlour Flames work … Read More >>

Generals and Major Sevenths

The mailing list recipients will be vaguely familiar with the following…

The current album ‘Down The Bright Stream is out now and available through the Vinny Peculiar website as well as iTunes Amazon and other digital sites. It can also be streamed here and there. The reviews have been uniformally wonderful, people who get what I do seem to like writing about the records. I’m most grateful to them for that. Tom Robinson has also played tracks from … Read More >>

Bright Streaming

Morning all

Hope this finds you well

The new album ‘DOWN THE BRIGHT STREAM’ is out there now and reviews have been great so far with more to come, if you haven’t got hold of one yet and plan to please go to the website shop first, for downloads try… Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon. Either way thanks in anticipation of your support and for staying on this list. The videos are here, please do share and comment if … Read More >>

New Drummer

It’s always nice when a record is finally released after all the faffing around, recording, procrastinating, pressing, mixing and gigging. Promotions wise we continue with duo shows, Rob Steadman [piano] and I and have various dates coming up. We’ve also got full band shows later in the summer and will be auditioning drummers in the next few weeks, so if you’re a drummer and fancy some decent festival slots over the summer do get in touch. You don’t have … Read More >>

English Village

Its new Video Time – ‘English Village’ is taken from the new album ‘Down The Bright Stream’ – had a great old time filming this in Newnham with The Forest of Dean Morrismen directed by Andy Squiff at Squiff Media  Andy also directed ‘Pop Music Football & Girls’. Good times. The album is available to buy on CD now from the site  iTunes  Bandcamp [CD plus download] – Read More >>