Down The Bright Stream

Hooo bloody rah! The new Vinny Peculiar album ‘Down The Bright Stream’ is all ready to go. There’s pre order ink on the site, the iTunes link will follow shortly, and it all looks and sounds rather splendid. The lovely sleeve images were taken by acclaimed Manchester photographer Paul Cliff. The album was recorded in various locations including Gadgets Lab with Jonathan Hurst, Whitby Studios with Ian Lewis, Project 9 with Andrew Spence and the VP home studio. The musicians … Read More >>

Down The Bright Stream

And so it came to pass, finally, a new album. Its a mixed up collection in many ways, songs of young optimism, songs of adult despair, songs of experimental thinking and songs of dumb obstinacy. Nothing new there then. I’ve called it ‘Down The Bright Stream’, it comes out March 30th 2015. The name is taken from the BB Last Knome in England series, they were favourite books when I was a lad and read to us at primary school … Read More >>

Endless Art



The days roll on in Gadgets Studio and the mixes are improving – we’ve been sweating over details, kick n snare, listening to the  air, sometimes choice is a bad thing, in the world of mixing there are always alternatives and you just have to explore them one more time. This approach has slowed us up at times and yet in the last few sessions its helped us crack on at a frenzied pace to get the bulk of it … Read More >>


‘Going for the one’ ‘YES’, those were the days but oh sooo long ago. I’ve had a busy few weeks; an inspiring gig for Gaza in Liverpool raised over £3000 for the relief effort. I played a couple of songs ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ & ‘Antony Gormley’ and compered the early part of the evening. It was a wonderfully spontaneous kind of night with some great Liverpool artists and incredibly powerful testimonials from the Friends of Palestine [amongst others]. Bobby … Read More >>

Move On

The merry go-round continues. I’ve been rehashing and revisiting a song collection that constituted a new album but I’m still not that happy with the way it sounds so I’ve given myself a bit longer to get my act together and sort it out. I want the new album to be right on the money and it just isn’t there at the moment so it wont be ready for release until the New Year. In the meantime I’ve written another … Read More >>

Sunday Morning

I’m listening to ‘Mainstream’ by Lloyd Cole on vinyl exchanged for various VP CDs by the wonderful Beatnik Records who had a stall in the tent we played at Barnaby festival yesterday lunchtime. I’m re engaging with Lloyd – I love his beat poetry inflections, his words seem stolen from random moments and assembled accidentally then just when you cant make head nor tail of it he nails things by surprise – ‘Did you ever have a bad dream wake … Read More >>

Busting out all over

June arrives and the ongoing recording and mixing adventures continue at Gadgets place here in the city of endless rain. We are drowning by numbers. Its going well but a little slower than we’d hoped for, there are sooooo many tracks to sort through. I blame myself for covering too many bases, drums and bass alone take up ten tracks of audio and I seem to have layered way more guitars than is strictly necessary. We’ve been pruning the parts, … Read More >>

Gigs in May

Gigs update

This weeks gigs include a Liverpool fundraiser for a friends trip to Malawi, he’s setting up a HIV Clinic there. It’s at Ethical Glass on North John Street on Thursday 1st May; his name is Tom Massey. The night kicks off at 8pm and The Glam Band are scheduled to play after the VP set, there is also Irish Traditional Music starting the night from Mike Hogan’s heroes. It should be a fun night in a good cause, … Read More >>

Radio Video Gig News

Hi everyone

Last nights radio session on BBC Manchester Music can be heard again from their site  It was lovely catching up with Michelle Hussey again, I always enjoy chatting to Michelle, she’s the perfect host. I ended up playing ‘Everlasting Teenage Bedroom’ as a last minute choice – I’d planned to play ‘Forgive Me’ as a few people had asked for it [sorry it didn’t make the Root Mull final selection] but the language wasn’t suitable for the BBC. … Read More >>