The Fairer Sex EP

Hello everyone, here’s some good news, there’s new music on the way THE FAIRER SEX EP’ comes out 17th Feb 2017After some time spent in the analogue vaults I’ve remixed three tracks from a session I did at Whitby Studios in March 2016, with Paul Tsanos [Drums,Backing Vocals] Bobby Kewley [Bass, Backing Vocals] Rob Steadman [Keys, Backing Vocals] and Maaike Ghijsels [Vocals] – at the time I was planning a new album [post Silver Meadows] but the direction of travel changed, I moved back to the Midlands and set about the WR3 recordings which are ongoing to date…this left me with tracks from the Whitby sessions that didn’t really have a home for so a year later I’ve remixed the ones I liked and after some tweaking and refining here they are..Trial by Lingerie is the exception to the rule here, a light hearted look at a time honoured scenario recorded at home. I think the tracks complement each other well, I hope you like them – heres are the tracks/ press release/artwork/video…

ep copy

Vinny Peculiar ‘The Fairer Sex’ EP


Release Date 17.2.17

Format Digital: All Platforms

I Came Back As A Girl

2 House Of Girls

3 No Reply

4 Trial By Lingerie

The Fairer Sex EP is a gender-linked identity confused sexually deviant positively humiliating four-track collection of songs from UK outsider artist poet and songwriter Vinny Peculiar.

‘I Came Back As A Girl’, is an identity switching fantasy of reincarnation, a transitional re awakening…

‘House of Girls’ from the webcams of desire to the Jacuzzi’s of the absurd with Hefner, String-fellow and the usual suspects…

‘No Reply’ a gentle plaintive piano ballad, simply sadness loss and resignation…

‘Trial by Lingerie’ a lighthearted look at male humiliation in an M&S Lingerie department, oh dear….

 ‘NO REPLY’ was shot by long term VP collaborator Andy Squiff [ Pop Music Football and Girls, English Village, Hospital Wing]. We are really pleased with it. Please like share and comment do. The EP can be downloaded from Bandcamp and is coming soon to all the other digital platforms…

Thanks for supporting as always, your spreading the word is massively appreciated x


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