In case you missed it here’s the first video for ‘Hospital Wing’, taken from the Silver Meadows album. Andy Squiff directed and there are some lovely little performances from the ensemble cast of actors all based in The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, they did a grand job. Its not easy to get the balance right, we’ve obviously used a liberal helping of stereotype, Cuckoo’s Nest style so you immediately know you’re in a Mental health art group. The twist in the tale with the drugging of the staff with secreted patient medication whilst deviating from the songs narrative really adds to the humour of the piece. My original thinking around this song was grainy, black n white Eastern European…Andy’s flair and imagination gave us added colour and comedy value, even the ghost managed to lip sync in time….please do comment and share if you have a minute.

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Also recently added to SOUNDCLOUD is the closing track from the album, ‘The Back Wards’ – have a listen do – its soon to be featured on Tom Robinsons BBC Radio 6 Show so look out for that and do feedback to the show if you can…

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