Big Pigeon [for Seb]

High in the branches of the old pear tree

Over the wall behind the railway line

Up on the roof at the back of the garage

And on the house for sale sign

Big pigeon

Big pigeon

In the hidden corners of my minds eye

Down Coronation Road

My Grandma she says there’s no need to worry

And she knows yes she knows

Yes she knows

A big pigeon

A big pigeon

She knows

I’m digging worms in the foul pen

The world cup finals on TV

Grandma has made the ham sandwiches

Granddad has fallen asleep on the settee

My family comes up for the weekend

We’re singing the wheels on the bus

A little boy spots the pigeon

Strutting its stuff

So I tell him the story

Story of Grandma

And how she’s keeping an eye on us

Big pigeon

Big pigeon

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