Catalogue Trousers

Catalogue trousers purchased for me

Through Kays mail-order delivery

My birthday present was bought in a rush

My grandmother said that I looked just like Bobby Crush

They arrived at our house in a couple of days

And everyone said that they fitted OK

I wore them to church and to family dos

They were flared at the knee with a hipster belt loops

I wore them when I first appeared on stage

At the Methodist Youth Hall in Golden Cross Lane

Where my cousin and I were singing The Streets of Laredo

I wore them to school I broke the uniform rule I was trying to be cool I was never that cool still I thought I looked like Peter Gordeno

My mother had two catalogues on the go

She paid at the post office come rain or snow

If the stuff didn’t fit you just could just send it back

And there were no questions, no questions asked

I studied the catalogue at the weekends

When my parents went out visiting friends and I was alone with the house all to myself

Polaroid cameras Mr T cars and all of the girls in their knickers and bras with their delicate parts on display for all and sundry

Catalogue trousers they went their own way

So I got some new Loon pants in a nice shade of charcoal grey
Bought at OASIS in the centre of town where the last of the hippy sunsets went down

I bought my first LP record Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel from the Catalogue and a Fidelity Music Master record player the whole family loved

Its still there to this day my brother used it when I moved away

It sounds amazing we used to say

Catalogue trousers a long time ago

Noddy and David on the Radio

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