English Village

When I was young I lived with my Mum and my Dad in an English village

I played out and I had fun in the English village

After school freezing in the pool with an unfortunate kid called Steve

Who impaled himself on the rusty spike when he was climbing a tree

Story time class one form a line it’s the English village

Stig of the Dump and Down The Bright Stream in the English Village

There goes the bell the it’s end of the day that means its time to go home

My cousin Gail keeps calling for me I just wish that she’d just leave me alone

My father’s fallen asleep on the chair in the English village

Mother puts a rocket my sister’s hair in the English village

The cricket team is playing on the green the Boy Scouts are tracking on the hill

There’s a girl from our school in Mayfair magazine and the thought of her is making me ill…in a good way

Everything stops at 7 o’clock on the dot in the English Village

We gather round and watch Top of the Pops in the English Village

When my granddad says what’s the matter with him is it a girl or is it a gay?

And grandma says oh shut up Ken if you’ve got nothing better to say

Paper round NME & SOUNDS in the English village

A souped up car speeding in the dark through the English village

Crazy Ian’s untimely end the radio pressed to his ear

They never found the driver; he didn’t come from round here

I left my home and my family in the English village

And my brother in a hillside cemetery in the English village

The council are letting it go to rack and ruin it’s a crying shame

I recognize that man cutting the grass he used to live in Golden Cross Lane…he used to referee at the game didn’t he?

In the English village

In the English village

In the English village

In the English village

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