Floating Away

I gathered up my thoughts I tried to write a song

About a dream I had when I was young

But it sounded like the same old song

I wrote before I wrote this one

Tried to reinvent the past

Get sick to death of doing that

Tried to write about my love

But I got the wrong girl and now I’m all mixed up

Tried to make the words come alive

But they were having none of it

I tried to crush them tried to hold them down

But I was forced to quit

I didn’t get too far

So I went for drive in the old mans car

Never came back to finish the thing

I lost the map and the wedding ring

Now I don’t feel so great

I guess I’m going to have to stop I’m going to have to wait

And If and when I ever recover

I will write you a love song like no other

But for now this one is all I have

Messy words and its missing chords

And sentiments that don’t quite ring true

You deserve better than that of course you do

If the futures made of coal

The past is made of rock and roll gold

And in-between the dream just floats away….

It just floats away

It just floats away

We just float away

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