Girl At The Bar

She’d love to be on in radio

She used to live around here I didn’t know

In those days she wasn’t quite as cool as she is now

Got a boyfriend on the TV

A bit of a local celebrity

He did an advert with Johnny Vegas for PG

He was a monkey

I’m talking to a girl at the bar

About how well they finished off her appendix scar

She knew the boy in the platform shoes

Helping himself to his fathers booze

When his dad found out he beat him black n blue

And her mother at the peace campsite

She’s been putting the world to rights

She did what she did for me and you

I’m just talking to the girl at the bar

She loves Jo Malone and the occasional cigar

So do you come here often?

Yes I come here all the time

Do you want something to happen?

Can you read my mind?

Do you want to get wankered?

Yes I like the sound of that

You know it’s been a long time since I had decent

Talking to a girl at the bar

She lost her job as a hairdresser

Determined to have a good time

Now she’s dancing at the tables and knocking back the wine

I leave the bar soon after that

Scrounge a cigarette

Catch the last train home

And I think about the girl that I met

And I try to forget to remember to forget…

The girl that I met

That girl

That girl

That girl

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