The DooKumInn

They opened a fashion shop

At the end of our road

In 1973

It was called the DooKumInn

Looking for baggies, flares and bomber jackets

We all piled in

Bored teenagers in waiting

Egging each other on

They sold peace patches and stars n stripes

That was the one everybody liked

Ban the bomb CND

Posters of The Osmond’s & David Cassidy

But most of the clothes they were tat

No Wranglers no Levis no Jaytex no Brutus and no class

Then someone got banned for stealing from the shop and soon the DooKumInn became a laughing stock

It only lasted a matter of months and then it was gone forever

The shop was demolished new houses put up and

I gave up my paper round soon after that

My mother worked at Joans Babywear and Wools

In a shop that lasted for years

On the opposite side of the road

Next to the barbers

The Do Kum Inn

Come in do

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