The King of Pop is Dead

Tickets sold out gone in a flash

A stage and a coffin draped in a flag

And the band know how to kick ass

The king of pop is dead

I was a fan a fan of his work

But just lately its got so absurd

So where were you when you first heard

That the king of pop was dead?

Tributes poured in from all over the world

Smokey Stevie Martha and the girls

Young children knelt at the foot of his bed say

Now the king of pop is dead

Elvis Toni Ella and Bing

All loved to watch him dance and sing

David George and Elizabeth T knew what a treasure he could be

Some blame the media blame the press

Some blames the hangers on and the fame obsessed

And they all blame the father for the child’s distress

Now the king of pop is dead

The Jarvis incident and the crazy chimpanzee

The peter pan of pop has got his own toy factory

In the never never land of the free now

The king of pop is dead

I’ve seen the footage from the comeback tour

The minister says raw talent so pure

And of course we believe him we believe in him for sure

Now the king of pop is dead


We killed him

We killed him dead

The king of pop is dead

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