A Guitar Pop Fans Imaginary Sound-Check at the Silver Spur’s Country & Western café, Bromsgrove, circa 1976

There’s music in the muscle a six pack ribs and cheese
The history of the skateboard the convenience of deep freeze
When play power was the poison nobody could take
That nonsense hippy bullshit anyone can fake
The guitar pop fan’s older than you think
Still waiting on the brink for something that might change
And he is pissed at the chances that he missed
At the girl he should have kissed back in the good old days
The early train down memory lane is so hard to get off
He takes a stroll round every stop but he can’t see much
The soft rock documentaries sort out his pigeon holes
They’re just like common colds but more contagious
The guitar pop fans bolder than you think
In a shirt of mellow pink he really ought to change
He slaps his writs and he makes a little list
Of the bands he once dismissed as they come back to centre stage
But there’s nothing more to peace and love just a poster and a ticket stub
Were they ever really good enough to sound
Like nothing that had gone before or will again for evermore
In time you know these things all come around
So come around…Still the tedium of the medium is not enough for some
And for him it’s never done it keeps on burning
And the children are grown up now and the wife is long since gone
To some place she was always coming from
The guitar pop fan smoulders at the sink does the dishes takes a drink
Cause some things never change
And he is pissed and he wants to do the twist
With the girl he should have kissed back in the good old days
Goodnight and god bless x x x

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