A Man Can Lose Himself

She’s got one shoe on and the other shoe off
Here come the waves crashing into the
And it’s not for the money and it’s not for the show
But I sure miss those routines we used to know
And from a tiny room fall the tears of a clown
I got two left feet in Beatle town
A man can lose himself
In time
When I’m with my baby my heart misses beats
I hear children playing in meadows and streets
When you hide in the shadows it only gets worse
I take a hold of your hand and I finish the hurt
You knock me down with a feather
I’m out of my head
Forgive all the wicked things I ever said
A man can lose himself
In time
The gentle movement of breathing plays a trick on the light
Then it’s falling asleep and kissing goodnight
Here we go gathering memories so fast
I want these moments forever to last
I tell you one more joke on the telephone line
In exactly a week from now things will be fine
A man can lose himself
In time
Lose himself
In time

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