Blood Honey

It’s in the blood honey
What will be will be
It’s in the blood honey
Take it from me
We come together amen
Holy Ghost sacred cow
Time and time again
We should know better by now
A transition into darkness
See the evil eye that winks
The fatal powers of attraction to the heart
Oh how it sinks
There is no spiritual reason
And I’ve abandoned every prayer
I take one day at a time
I lose myself there
And I’ve been cursing Dr Zimmerman
For a cure that that will be final
But my memory is fading and
My hands are all a tremble
I could meet you at the Pier head
I’m too scared to leave the house
I’ve been hanging from a thread
I’ve been watching the danger mouse
Once I was walking over mountains
Through some ever open gate
I was drinking at the fountains
Now you bury me in hate
It’s in the blood honey

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