Piggy in the Middle

Like a piggy in the middle
To be slaughtered come what may
Still you cannot solve the riddle
Maybe you’re better off that way
Still you told it to the doctor
There was no one else to tell
And he says he understands
But he cannot make you well
It’s a family affair
You have to repair
Don’t you
But having taken what for
There isn’t much more you can do
She won’t undo the puzzle
Was it for better or for worse?
Like a fighter in a muzzle
Like a writer out of verse
The pain goes and then the rainbows
But now it’s coming back again
And you’re somewhere in the past
You’ve just no idea when?
It’s a family affair…
And she told it to your mother
And she wrote the whole thing down
In a letter to your lover
Now they spread the word around
Like a piggy in the middle
Getting slaughtered come what may
You’ll never solve the riddle
Could be you’re better of that way
Hey diddle diddle
The piggy in the middle is you it’s you it’s you….

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