The Ballad of Vinny Peculiar

I see the angels sleep walking in heaven
I see the demons straight talking out of hell
I see the pathways but they’re far too human
I see the witches’ searching for a spell
But in an instant everything is different
A second splits and falls apart
And the very notion of resistance
Dies in the distance
In the name of art
Star sign Jupiter’s mine
Everything will turn out fine
Life’s a little song and dance routine
Star sign Jupiter’s fine
Everything will come in time
Oh what a peculiar dream…
Well there are those who make the beds of others
While the others sleep around the clock
There are sisters and little brothers
And they’re currently in a state of shock
But it won’t be long before it’s over
It won’t be long before it’s through
And the verdict is always open ended for the ones that did no longer do
But it won’t be before it’s over
Too many gods aim for the sun
Still we’ll be fighting in our little corner
To busy getting lost
Over what cannot be won…

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