Time for Bed

A is for the apple
B is for the ball
C is for the crucifix hung upon the wall
D is for the distance
E for the effect
F it lasts forever
G is as good as it will get
H is for the heroin
I is for an eye
J is for the jugular and
K is keen to die
L is for the loves
M is for the mind
N is just for nobody
O can only find
P is like a parachute
Q is always queer
R is on the radio where the
S’s sneer
T is in temptation
U is underground
V is for the Velvets behind a wall of sound
W won’t trouble you with exerts one by one
Why don’t you do yourself a favour and be GONE
Cut off your ties
Quit while you’re ahead
Remember what Zeberdee said
“Time for Bed”

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