Happiest Man in the World

He works a job five days a week
He’s not brave enough to turn the other cheek
When he gets home he locks the door
And beats those pretty little rhythms on the floor

The happiest man in the world

Not scared to shop he loves to spend
Money on his longstanding best friend
The cinema the Sky TV
Save a little extra go on holiday

The happiest man in the world

Do you want to know his secret
Do you promise not to tell
No place reserved in heaven
No ticket straight to hell
No happy ever after
No sacred place oh no
So just lets make the best of it
Before it’s time to go

A fragile heart is gagged and bound
Ordinary life without a sound
The worried well all disappear
Nothing out of place nothing to fear

His face befits hers like a glove
He’ll never leave because he in love
Taking one day at a time
Knowing everything will turn out fine

The happiest man in the world
Will go to the ends of the earth
Each one just the same
So stupid and vain
And oh so richly deserved

The happiest man in the world

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