Vinny Peculiar is Dead

Vinny Peculiar is dead
Vinny Peculiar is dead
Left a gaping hole in the heart
And a stolen dream in the head
In search of the obvious line
That never delivers in time
Of poignancy tinged with regret
And things you prefer to forget
And now he’s gone forever
And now he’s gone forever

VP is dead
VP is dead
Gone to a place far away
Where it rains everyday
Contracted a mystery curse
Between chorus and verse
He died and he’s not coming back
He died cleaning the sink and the bath
And now he’s gone forever
And now he’s gone forever

You can keep you manikins and your daises and your safety pins
And you can wear that bloody shirt and you can swear and you can hurt
And you can swim in every sea and bury every piece of me
And you can fail and you can try and you can live as we all must die
As we all must die as we all must die

Death becomes us death be good
Death behaves the way it should
Death be certain death be sure of everything you never were

He died in next to no time
He died buying flowers for women
He died making small talk to colleagues
He died drinking wine in the evenings
He died with blood on his shirt
He died so nobody would get hurt
He died in spite of the living
He died without ever forgiving

And now he’s gone forever

There’s a jumble sale in the head
There’s a girl and there’s a ghost
There’s a light and there’s a dark street up ahead…
There’s a drug perhaps I’ll take it
There’s a love perhaps I’ll fake it
There’s a tomb laid out for me
I’m coming home soon
I will be free
I will be ME…

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