I was born and I was long
My mother she was strong
But my father slept right through on the settee
And as the story goes
A safety pin stuck through my nose
In the winter of 1963
At 6 I did my best
For the good folks at the church
On the Sunday school anniversary
At 12 I wrote a story
Called it love and death and glory
And by then it was 1970
At 16 I left school
Not because I was a fool
More because I was afraid of my own shadow
I bought acne cream in jars
I never went to bars
But I played a lot of Frisbee on the meadow
At 21 I wed
On the rebound it was said
And we bought a little house in the city
At the age of 22
Reading up on sniffin glue
Where the vacancies were always so pretty
At the age of 24
There’s a knock comes on my door
From a man giving bibles away
So I punch him in the face
Then I help him with his case
And I invite him to stay I’m 24….
There’s so much more….

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