Punk Rock Dreaming

Someone said to me
You should write a song
Call it the abortion
I said OK I’ll try
But I best proceed
With the necessary caution
May day Digbeth Civic Hall
Our backs against the wall
Revolutionaries scheming
Partitions getting signed
Spot the wanker going blind
From too much punk rock dreaming
It’s every woman’s right to choose
And every man I know is
Devoted to her language
Gender wars are just a front
For a darker ruling force
Oppressing working classes
Hey you, Mr secretive and blue
There’s a man talking to you
Says you need redeeming
He’s got Marxism today
Says the music’s had its day
And still the punk rock dreaming
Cause there’s a stake inside your heart
For every amateur upstart
Who refuses to stop screaming When your head starts to explode
From something else to so it goes
It’s just the punk rock dreaming

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