We Tried to Drown our Music Teacher in 1974

We tried to drown our music teacher in 1974
He stayed behind to cover swimming club for the absent Mr Law
We planned out every detail and then we locked the door
Held him down underneath the water we thought he was a gonna for sure
His crime was a blanket dismissal of popular music in school
He had no time for TREX or David Bowie and his persona was simply un-cool
He was strictly a man of the classics which of course is a cardinal sin
And he never let us bring our records in
He had it coming to him…In the end it was only our word against his
No body confessed
Nobody was that stupid
Years later I hear he’s still there but his attitude has changed
And I’d like to take a little of the credit for the appreciation gained
Now the kids can listen to what they want to their own music in school
But he no longer covers lessons in the swimming pool

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