Suicide Dad

Waiting at the 7-11
For the word to get back from heaven
Suicide dad where did you go

You were stuck in the middle of nowhere
Just how long had you been there?
Suicide dad I need to know

They found your car in the lay by
Said your house looked like a pig sty
It was not a very beautiful ending
You said I mean it
They said he’s just pretending

Hose-pipe or analgesic
Tell your mummy I feel sick
Suicide dad where did you go

Unhappy ever after
A statistical disaster
Suicide dad where did you go?

Mind over matter heart over head
If only you’d done X, Y and Z
Still the only clue that remains to this day
Is a final demand from the CSA

Someone said they think it’s all over

It is now…Suicide dad where did you
Suicide dad we want to
Suicide dad where did you go ?

And are you ever coming back
Never coming back….

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