Christo and Jeanne Claude

Christo and Jeanne Claude wrapped up the world
Put a curtain across California
It cut out the sun polarised everyone
I watched a film about it when I was young

Some people loved it some people loathed it
One of those things everybody noticed
Is this really art or are they stark raving mad?
Are we supposed to feel happy or sad?

Australian coastline in polythene and the Gates in Central park
Buckingham Palace in fur and The Whitehouse always kept in the dark…

Christo and Jeanne Claude never accepted donations
Or commissions from Arts institutions
No sponsorship and no advertising
They only sold their original sketches

They did what they did because they had to
They paid their workforce and their taxes
They were genuine artists
And there are so few genuine artists

When they asked Christo what it was all about he said he liked wrapping presents when he was young
And these are my presents he said all wrapped up and shining in the noon day sun

Christo and Jeanne Claude wrapped up the world…ooohh

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