Other People

Easy going about their business
Colouring in and cutting out pictures
In their underwear reading at bedtime
Holding hands talking in the sunshine
Driving home at the end of the day
Wataching make over shows on on TV
Eating left over food
Other people like me

On the trains on the buses
In the bars and at the matches
In churches laying on hands
In the concert halls listening to bands
Holidays at the end of the year
Take a long walk by the sea
Wear a hat that’s seen better days
Other people like me

You know all there is to know
Things I do places I go
I long for the days of mystery?
How do I delete my history?
I gonna delete my history…
My every availability
My stats and my connectivity

In the pub just over the road
All the kids cant wait to grow up
Is there time at the end of the night
Are we all out of luck?

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