I’m In a Band

I am the brightest star
You can shove your Monet and your Degas
I am the genius you are the crowd
I play hard and I play loud
Do what I like go where I want
You think you can mess with me
Well you cant

I’m in a band

I’m worth my weight in gold
I made records and they all sold
I come from another world
Where you get the pick of the girls
Big house fit wife
I’m made for life
I’m made for life

Open day at the school and
My Nazi helmet looks real cool
Day-glo hair professors all droolin
Postmodern tom foolin
Think on and tell me what you see
The scholars and the idiots
All want a piece of me

I stand up as you fall down
I buy guitars in every town
I got a fast car and a motorbike and I go wherever like

I got pulled over the other day
The officer said step this way
I said not likely what are you, gay?
I’m in a band

The bouncer said you can’t come in
I said you have to be joking?
I’m coming in and I’m smoking
And this is my girl and we’re eloping
With the band

Don’t expect me to think twice
Or to listen to the straights advice
I know so much better than that and
You don’t have a clue where it’s at do you?
Do you?
Do you?

You can call the ambulance call the cops
Call the manager of the shops
It’s going to be like this forever
As long as we all stick together
I’m in a band, I’m in a band, I’m in a band

Jamie’s a piano looks like a car
A drive by shooting star
Artifacts from another world
Neck repairs and mother of pearl

I’m in a band

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