Jump the Brook Ruth

Jump the brook Ruth
It isn’t very deep
I built a damn but it isn’t very steep

Break a leg kid
It’s not all right
Cause you’re going home in an ambulance tonight

Jump the brook Ruth
Do as I say
I set a trap for you & I’m going to make you pay

We talked some more and eventually she agreed
She took a few steps back and she gathered up speed

But she couldn’t see the trip wire
I’d hidden in the trees

Next minute she lets out a scream
She’s lying headfirst down in the stream
There’s blood in the water people gather around
There’s a siren going off in the distance
Jump the brook Ruth
Jump the brook Ruth

I’m stood there at the waters edge transfixed by fear
I hear the sounds of people as they whisper in my ear
What an evil little boy what an evil little boy

We’re going to tell your parents
We’re going to tell the school
It will be to be curtains, curtains for you

Later that night I was relieved to hear
Ruth had nothing more than scratches to her ear
She was back at school the very next day
But she didn’t call at my house no she kept well away

And we haven’t spoken to this day…

Jump the brook Ruth
If you dare
Jump the brook Ruth
Show me that you care

Jump the brook Ruth
Play the game
I really like you in a way that I cant explain
So jump the brook Ruth
Go on

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