The Broken Hearted Existentialist

The broken hearted existentialist
Tried to make the lifestyle
But the lifestyle didn’t fit
How hedonism aches
And catches up with fakes
The broken hearted existentialist
The broken hearted existentialist
Lives in another world it’s nothing like this
He once dreamed of escape
Remodel and remake
In a sad café he’d while away the hours
Writing poems and pressing flowers
Said his goodbyes in times gathering mist
To a sweet and pretty little thing
With tattoo and nose ring
The counter culture screams for attention
Somewhere between the irony and pretension
The road to freedom disappears
All those cries for help they end in tears
In pursuit of every dream without a care
The world just goes on trading in despair
Another broken hearted existentialist
What does that mean
I’ve no idea…

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