Too Soon the Darkness Comes

Now you are gone
I try on your waistcoat
Too big
Feels strange

And I wear the hat
The hat that you wore [when you were]
On stage

Watch the DVD
Again, watch the DVD again

And I say thank you thank you
I will always treasure them as I
Try and embrace Dr deaths absurdism

We used to go
To the match
On Boxing Day

You told the time
Without a watch you’d say
It’s exactly 12 minutes to two
And you were always right and
You built us a kite and an igloo

We kids thought the world of you
And the humanist preacher
Spoke of a thinker and a teacher
At the funeral I wept self piteously
And I thought to myself
This is how it will be for me

A group of old musicians
In a cemetery
Telling stories distorted by memory
Adding bits on for the sake of a story

The one about the child
He never did see
The one about the lover
He never managed to please
The one about the career that never took off
The loves that he fought he won and he lost

Life goes out like a light

Too soon the darkness comes
Too soon the darkness comes
To soon too soon

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