I got changed and stood out on the landing
Looking out across the fields of clay
Dressed up like one of Cromwell’s henchmen
It was August late bank holiday

I was living Crusoe’s dream in Blackpole
Studying the art of Croft and Law
My girl was watching old films on the TV
She loves Michael Caine and Roger Moore

And the hills were alive with posters
For a far right wing campaign
When I said good-bye to my girlfriend she said
I think it’s going to rain

She never took to battle re enacting
But she understood and she never did complain

There’s a weird high before you go to battle
And you’re always keen to get the detail right
There are prizes for the most authentic costumes
And a busty wench well its every mans delight

No soon as this battle it had started
When a crazy Cavalier hurtled past
And he stuck his sword beneath my breastplate
And I fell down into the mud bath

Amidst my band of brothers re creating battles past
Flags a scabbard pistols a blunderbuss a pike man and his staff

I just lay there in the grass death took me swiftly
I never felt a thing my heart stopped beating
And the battle it raged on but soon I was gone
Soon I was gone
There was nothing that could be done to save me

Now I float across the fields of Blackpole
Like every ghost who passed this way before
Frightening myself as much as anybody else
And meanwhile back in 1664

The spirit life it suits me down to the ground
My girl married the undertaker the man who hung around

And they’re living in the same old house in Blackpole
I heard they plan to settle down

But I’ll be keeping an eye on them yes I will

Once upon a time I was Pike Man
In the English Civil War
And you’d find me in the alehouse
Live music and pussy galore…

In Blackpole

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