Golden City

So how long do you plan to stay?
Are you coming back to me one day?
I know I’ve been a long time gone
But this is where I feel stronger

As the Golden City waits in vain
Like a tired raver on a late night train
Coming down again

I took the pills they didn’t work
I took some more and I felt worse
When it was time to say goodbye
I felt like I was going to die

But the Golden City welcomed me
Like a hippy girl in a French movie
Running wild and free

Golden City don’t let me down
Golden City I’ll need you around
Should I fall down again?

Well we almost made it through the night
And somehow made everything all right
We did everything that could have done
And still I ruined all the fun

And the Golden City knows it all
Checks the parachute and breaks the fall
Stands up proud and tall

Golden City shining for you
Golden City my love remains true
But this is what I have to do

Golden City

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