A Vision

I had my hair shaved at the back like Terry Hall in 1984
I was waiting at the bus stop heading off to work at the mental hospital
Harrington Jacket, smoking B&H I spent forever in the record shop
It was just another routine summer’s day in Selly Oak

The sun it seemed a little too bright for the sky
Little figurines started to dance in my minds eye
I had a vision I had a vision

I was transfixed and all I could see was a psychedelic wash of light
The cars left pretty trails behind and the road started melting
Like a Salvador Dali painting

A sense of inner harmony and peace took over me
Like I knew what I was here for like I knew what to believe
I had a vision I had a vision

The bus drove by I was on another plain but the plane came down soon after that
I felt like a twat, just sat there, a woman said are you OK?
I said I never felt this good in all my life

So took the day off sick and went to bed in the middle of the afternoon

I had a vision

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