Flatter and Deceive

You can call me Vinny Peculiar but it’s not my real name
I made it up all because my real one is lame
I was born in 57 in the county of Worcestershire
I was raised a Methodist with Jesus in my ear
I went to Sunday school I said my prayers
In teenage makeup and Levi flares
I joined the boys brigade couldn’t wait to leave
I learned to flatter and deceive

I married young and I was happy, happy with my lot
Had a little baby girl I became a baby swot
Bought a house in Birmingham and joined the CND
Travelling by Midland Red to the asylum and the nursery
I went to training school to become a nurse
I saw the sex pistols and the adverts
I swore I loved you then and that I’d never leave
But I’d learned to flatter and deceive

17 years later I’m writing this song
I know now what other people have known all along
The presents and the flowers that I’m sending you today are,
Pitiful excuses from the dad who went away
I’d go to festivals I’d go abroad
I’ve still got Sleeping Gas but not Reward
In this reality I only make believe
Having learned to flatter and deceive

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