Jesus Stole My Girlfriend

She’s hanging out with the men in dresses
Evensong and evening classes
A sweet contentment in her eyes
I’m trying hard not to act surprised

Oh yeah Jesus stole my girlfriend
Oh yeah Jesus stole my girl
Oh yeah Jesus stole my girlfriend
And I can’t get her back
And I just want her back…

She’s going off to church on Sunday
The Harvest Festival on Monday
We go to bed but we don’t make love
Cause her thoughts are lost to the one above

I know you’re up there listening
So go ahead and do the decent thing
Perform a little miracle
I must preferred her cynical, miserable, impossible, hysterical, illogical, despicable

Now all I seem to do is mope around the house
Feeling like the antichrist
She says she’s training to be missionary
Or suchlike

Oh what does he care

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