Lazy Bohemians

The lazy bohemians
Sat out on the rooftops
Whistling at schoolgirls
Sucking on ice-pops
Those carefree idealists
Doing just as they want to
There’s a room in the attic
For somebody like you

Lazy bohemians
Lazy by design
Can’t get up in the morning
Cant be arsed to go out at night
Talking bout a revolution
Hey man they’re out of sight

The lazy bohemians
Loathe big corporations
And the work ethic wind up
Of past generations
Those shaman in shameless
Pursuit of sensation
Are picking a fight with
My imagination

Lazy bohemians
Good for nothing swine
Picking holes in the system
And towing the establishment line
Talking bout a revolution [hey man they’re out of time]

And all the wanting to be good people turn into those who never would people
And all the happy just to be people turn into you and me people

Get lazy go hazy

The lazy bohemians
Are throwing a party
Everybody’s invited
Don’t worry be happy
If you want to stay over
You are welcome to use my room
I’ll be cooking the dinner
And sleeping late into the afternoon

There’s a sleeping bag in the corner
Yeah just behind the sofa

The lazy bohemians

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