Community Care

Community Care

There’s woman from the agency

Coming to see you tomorrow

She wants to ask you some questions

She wants to get to know you


Who me?

Why me?


She runs a house not far from here

And there’s a vacancy

Perhaps you’d like to go and see

After my shift at a quarter to three



Yes really –


But I’ve been here for twenty-two years

I’m used to the smells and the staff and the rules

What if I don’t fit in?

What if I can’t settle in?


To community care

Community care

Everybody’s moving out there


You know Terry from the ATC

And Josie sweet Josie

They moved out not so long ago

They have a dog-called Benny they go shopping at Tesco

They’ve a dog-called Benny they go shopping at Tesco



I didn’t know…


There’s an amazing chippy a short walk away

And the staff make incredible bolognaise

Your own room and a front door key

They look after your money


If you’ve never caught the bus on your own

They will teach you how be alone

How to live in your own home

Just say you want to

Go on


Community care community care

Everyone is moving out there


Community care

Community care


Just say you want to…

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