Hospital Wing

Hospital Wing

 Want some peace and quiet and

A pretty place to die?

See those weird lions

In a psychedelic sky


The radio and the TV play at

Maximum volume simultaneously

Spend all day in a giant pram

Listening to Dexy’s Spandau & Wham


And the ward manager says hello

You remember her of course you do

She’s been here for twenty years

She’s an end of life specialist


On Hospital wing

You never recover

Hospital wing

You never get better


The mural on the wall

Painted by art students

Disney characters

Snow white

They’re just trying to cheer the place up right


But you might as well be a ghost

For all they see of see of you

Shift ends then they switch off the light

And you think of your brother

How he put up a fight


He ended his life here

Now it’s your turn to face the fear

Bib on feeding time here comes the fat NA with the toxic skin

You open your mouth here she shovels it in

You choke on your breath and spit out the food


On Hospital wing

Hospital wing


The side room empties as the relatives leave

The kid in the wheelchair has been deceived

A couple of weeks left before he checks out

And that’s more or less what the songs about


On hospital wing

You never recover

Hospital wing

You never get better

Hospital wing

On Hospital wing

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