Silver Meadows

Going back to Silver Meadows

My former years were there

Past the quarry where your brother worked

The other year

In the clearing ‘neath the open skies

On the edge of town

Climbing trees and scraping knees

As the big fat orange sun went down


The outreach worker greets us

With a new brochure to read

I tell them I’ll be good this time

And I’ll stay until its time to leave


Going back to Silver Meadows

Same old faces working there

Stan the janitor still smiling

And Jenny she cuts your hair

I lived here when I when young and

I felt safe n sound

Falling asleep beneath

A big fat Disney eiderdown

But when they ask me how I’ve been

I tell them not so good

They say we understand

But then of course I knew they would


Going back to Silver Meadows

It’s got a weird hold on me

Doctor Marshall says I need

Structure and clear boundaries

So I take the medication and

I report for therapy

I know it’s going to take a little while

Before the others warm to me


I recognize a girl I knew from

The last time I was here

She smiles and says come in sit down

There’s nothing for you to fear


Going back to Silver Meadows

Going home to Silver Meadows

I believe in Silver Meadows

I belong at Silver meadows


Going back

I’m going back

Going back to Silver Meadows….

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